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About Us Satcom Technology

Satcom Technology Ltd is a leading supplier of satellite tracking systems in both Ireland and the UK. Having been involved in the security industry since 1984 and the GPS tracking industry sine 1994 we are in a position to understand our clients requirements and the dangers associated with the transport of high value goods by road and rail. We also understand the monitoring requirements, the safety of the drivers and the need to remove the human involvement as much as possible by using our technology to give early warning and to alert the necessary authorities when an emergency situation arises.

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Originally formed in 1994 and based in Cork, Ireland, Satcom Technology Ltd are specialists with a proven track record when it comes to designing satellite tracking security systems. Our systems use the latest technology to allow our customers monitor their vehicles and freight. Through our in-house design team we can design a system that will suit specific needs. At Satcom we plan, design, build, install and monitor systems to suit our client requirements.

Satcom Technology Ltd has continued to re-act to market changes by developing and providing new and innovative solutions such as trailer tracking, personal tracking and asset tracking. Our new products include an ATM tracking device and a satellite communications tracking system for areas where GSM is not reliable. Our back office tracking solution is considered by many to be at the cutting edge of monitoring technology.

Satcom’s systems can be as basic as a tracking/fleet management system that allows you to know where your vehicles are in real time or can be sophisticated anti-hijack systems that will either automatically or manually immobilise and lock down vehicles and trailers in the event of an emergency. As many of our clients have high security or high risk requirements, we have an excellent working relationship with the Gardai in Ireland, the PSNI in Northern Ireland and we are establishing links with police forces outside Ireland.

Satcom Technology Ltd’s mission statement states that we will under promise and over deliver to our customers. Our goal is to grow with our customers, to listen to their needs so as to develop products to match those needs. We also monitor all new developments in technology so as to see how we can use these developments to increase the efficiency of our products and services and so maximise the return in investment to our customers.

On a daily basis we protect the following goods:

  • Explosives & Detonators
  • Cigarettes & Tobacco
  • Wines & Spirits
  • Games & Consoles
  • ATM Machines & Safes
  • VIP’s & Executives
  • Cash & Valuables
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
  • Phones & SIM cards
  • General Electronic Goods

Why is Satcom different from other tracking companies?

At Satcom we listen to our customers and ask them why they need a tracking system. At present we offer over a dozen different tracking solutions so after listening to our customers we know which product suits them best. We also offer several software options including our Flagship product Satcom Cloud. Satcom Cloud was originally designed as an alarm monitoring software platform but has evolved into a very nice and easy to use fleet management tool. It is used by several major alarm receiving centers. We also offer an easy to use web based Fleet Management system with brilliant mapping and reporting features.

If it’s a Fleet Management system you need, a personal tracking system for lone workers, a security system to protect your assets and goods or a mixture of all of these, Satcom can help.

Contact us now, We look forward to hearing from you.

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