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ATM Tracking

SATCOM ACT (Advanced Cellular Tracking)

Advanced Cellular TrackingSatcom Technology has developed a tracking unit to track ATM’s following a surge of attacks in recent years.  Using advanced cellular triangulation the system offers real time positional information to track ATM’s and other assets even if inside a vehicle or indoors. Installed inside the ATM for security, the system will also use GPS when available. RF can be used to pin point the ATM using a hand held receiver.   The system is monitored via a regular "Heart Beat" message and alerts are sent to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) every 30 seconds following an activation. The software is a web based solution and alarms are transmitted via a “Pop up” window, e-mail, SMS or the alarm signals can be integrated into the ARC monitoring software through our free SOAP interface.  Police authorities can also track using the Internet with a secure username and password. 

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