Caulfield Transport

Caulfield Transport based in Cork, Ireland, are leaders in transporting high value product through out the country. Their clients demand high quality service and the very latest in technology to protect their product. It was recognised that the protection of their trailers was critical. Caulfield’s sought out the best in technology that allowed them the flexibility to track their trailers. Their systems have various alarms on the trailer doors, remote panic alarms for drivers and reports of Trailer Coupling and Uncoupling. Added to this, immobilisers on the trailers themselves provide a greater security than Caulfield’s competitors. Satcom Technology Ltd’s unique power management system means that the trailer continues to be protected for many weeks, even though it is not connected to a power source.

Fintan Caulfield stated that “installation of the system could not have been easier. The trailer was dropped at Satcom Technology Ltd’s Head Quarters in Little Island and when we returned 24 hours later the trailer was ready. Our client can now track his trailers 24 hours a day, with the comfort that if some unauthorised person did interfere with it, an alarm will be generated immediately”.