Firecrest Safety Systems

Firecrest Safety Systems Ltd operate a fleet of service vans all over Ireland. As they are a 24/7-service provider they need to be able to offer client documentary proof that their staff were where they were at their client’s premises at any time. Dermot O’Connell Director of Firecrest Safety Systems researched various vehicle-tracking systems on the market and found that Satcom Technology Ltd’s Discovery offered best value and serviceability. He needed a product that would show where his are in real time and where they were in the past.

Satcom Discovery was developed by Satcom Technology to monitor any vehicle tracking system both GSM or GPRS, once they receive the protocols. This allows the system to be future proof, very necessary in this world of ever changing and evolving technology. Dermot O’Connell stated that he was satisfied with the service he received from Satcom Technology Ltd, he stated that support was always promptly available.