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High Risk & High Value



Satcom Technology is a leading supplier of satellite tracking and security systems specialising in the protection of “High Risk” & “High Value” goods in transit. Having been involved in the security industry since 1984 and the GPS tracking industry since 1994, we are in a position to understand our client requirements and the risk associated with the transportation of high risk and high value goods as well as fleet management systems.

Cash in transit vehicles and vehicles transporting or storing High Value and High Risk goods and bespoke vehicle security applications should never be left to chance. Satcom Technology has a proven pedigree of telematics security solutions since 1994. We are constantly involved in research and development of our products and services.

Satcom Technology has been fortunate to share its knowledge of security solutions, through consultations with various organisations including both the Police and government bodies as well as dealing with several risk management companies. Through such knowledge share Satcom Technology has successfully bid for and won more sensitive security projects, which has included the transportation of religious artifacts, forensic evidence and the movement of offenders.

Whatever the requirements within this exacting and non forgiving sector of the security market, be secure in your choice by consulting with the established telematics security professions, Satcom.


On a daily basis we protect the following goods;

  • Explosives & Detonators        
  • VIP’s & Executives     
  • Cigarettes & Tobacco                        
  • Cash & Valuables                   
  • Wines & Spirits                        
  • Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals                       
  • Electronic Black Products
  • Games & Consoles                
  •  Phones & SIM cards   
  • General Electronic Goods      
  • Arms & Munitions                  
  • Documents                             
  • Examination papers                                        
  • Drug Testing

The Satcom Technology Anti Hijack system provides additional security for cars, vans, trucks and trailers. Theses systems can remotely or automatically immobilise or re-mobilise vehicles and trailers.

Anti Hijack System Features:

  • GPS/GPRS Tracking
  • Advanced GSM Triangulation Tracking
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring
  • Route Deviation & Waypoint Timing
  • Remote Vehicle Ignition Control
  • Digital Pin and Proximity Keypad
  • Remote Door Lock Release
  • Remote Engine Immobilisation
  • Remote Brake Lock and Release
  • Remote Panic Buttons
  • Driver ID
  • RF Tagging
  • Remote Arm and Disarm feature
  • Dallas Button Option
  • Listen-In Feature

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