Satcom Cloud is used by fleet operators to help manage their fleet of vehicles. A unique feature of Satcom Cloud is that it can handle several different tracking hardware all on the one platform. This enables users to have different tracking solutions for their "mixed fleet" of vehicles.   Satcom Cloud is also a powerful alarm monitoring tool allowing alarm receiving centers to monitor customers vehicles 24/7/365.  With an automated reporting system Satcom Cloud can pay for itself in no time.

Business’s need solutions not boxes. Not all customer applications are the same and your requirements change from time to time. Your customer’s needs are becoming more diverse and integration with fleet management software is becoming a “must have”. With this in mind Satcom have developed our own in house software and mapping platform. Built to track a wide range of different tracking systems it has great features including our automated reporting system and our new “Load Locator” system which allows your own customers to track their goods by simply using the consignment number. Manage your fleet by dividing them into groups. Run reports based on the entire fleet or group by group. Match vehicles to trailers and even to drivers to show on the one report. Show reports in several different formats

How Satcom Cloud works

Satcom Cloud uses Web Browsers to provide access to our secure servers.

Each user has an individual account with an encrypted password.  Users can gain access to their data from anywhere in the world using the Internet.  Each user can determine the different levels of access and visible assets for each user.

Data is securely held on our servers with both on and off site regular back ups.  Our applications use the state of the art database engine to ensure speedy response to all queries.  Servers can hold up to 24 months of data.

Users have the option to enable on line tracking through our web interface providing restricted viewable access to their own customers.


Satcom Cloud is a white labeled web based software tracking and alarm monitoring package. This allows tracking providers to put their own brand ing on it to offer it as their own software.

Satcom Technology provide an alarm monitoring and tracking platform to alarm
receiving centre's (ARC’s). This is used to track people, vehicles and other assets.
High value goods are tracked by the ARC to ensure that the goods get from A – B securely. All alerts are displayed on the software alert console along with a current map position and several pre-alarm positions.
The alert console window shows the instructions to follow in the event of an alarm along with the vehicle details. A full audit trail is automatically logged on each alarm event.
All alarms can be monitored by the ARC depending on your requirements.
This is an alarm to notify the ARC if a driver pressed a personal panic alarm button
This is an alarm to notify the ARC if a door on the vehicle was opened
This is an alarm to notify the ARC if a vehicle deviated from a set route
This is an alarm to notify the ARC if a vehicle stopped along its set route
This is an alarm to notify the ARC if a vehicle either entered or left a known
geo-fence location.
The ARC can also control remote actions which can trigger security features on each vehicle. Remote triggers can be used to immobilise or re-mobilise vehicles.


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