Satcom’s “Pallet Track” is ideal for tracking high value consignments. A Pallet Track unit is placed on the pallet along with the main order.  Using the latest software and mapping you can see where your goods are and display a snail trail of the route taken. The Pallet Track unit will notify you automatically when the pallet is moving and when it has stopped.  It can be configured with several operating modes allowing you to track the pallet at regular intervals when the pallet is moving and at a reduced rate when the pallet is not moving thus saving battery life.


The S100 from Satcom Technology is a High Sensitivity GPS/GPRS remote surveillance and tracking device, which allows users to monitor the location of pallets, vehicles and assets of all kinds. High Sensitivity GPS enables operation in urban canyons, under heavy foliage and even indoors, and permits installation in locations where a direct sky view is not available. It is particularly suitable for operation in and under vehicles. 


Its internal activity sensor enables power-saving by allowing the unit to power down in between position fixes, contributing to its exceptional battery life.  Attachment to any tracking subject is simple because of its small size (133 x 48 x 24mm) and removable multifunction magnetic mount. 


The integrated antennas and battery make the unit highly reliable by removing the need for a complex wiring installation. With its High Sensitivity GPS, sophisticated power management and integrated tri-band GSM/GPRS module, the S100 enables users to both enhance existing telematics applications and enable new business concepts to be realised. 


The S100 from Satcom Technology is a high performance GPS surveillance and tracking device. It offers the following unique capabilities:

High sensitivity GPS for operation in low signal strength environments

GSM/GPRS tri-band communications for affordable global operation

Rechargeable battery for extended long-term operation

Compact and easily installed with self-contained antennas for zero installation costs and high reliability

One enclosure, with multi-function magnetic mount and mains charger

Optional in-vehicle charger


The S100 is available with a tracking service that provides easy set-up and reliable access to location data. Alarms may be set on battery level, on movement of target and on breaching geo-fence parameters. Reports are sent using low cost GPRS although fall-back to SMS (text) is possible.


High Performance GPS Surveillance & Tracking

· High sensitivity GPS integrated for operation in difficult, low signal strength environments.

· GSM/GPRS tri-band communications for economical global operation - 2 variants available (S100e / S100u).

· Rechargeable internal battery enables extended long term operation, with no requirement to replace batteries.

· Very compact and easily installed, with self-contained antennas for zero installation costs and high reliability.

· All included in one box, including multifunction magnetic mount and mains charger.

· May be permanently powered by connection to vehicle power via an optional vehicle charger.

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