Satcom H.E.L.P

Satcom HELP is a handheld terminal with GSM and GPS connectivity, which is able to get device coordinates and transfer them via GSM network. No installation is required.  HELP is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed and perfectly suited for securing company's assets. Small size, long lifetime, mobility and universal configuration of the device ensures wide spectrum of its application: from people tracking, track control to special or secret tasks. Geo-Fence function allows to set restricted geo-graphic areas and device will send warning messages whenever the object crosses the zone (in or out).   HELP can be used as USB GSM modem. High GPS receiver sensitivity makes device easy to integrate in any environment whe re ordinary GPS receivers can not fix their position. The whole of the mentioned advantages makes this solution very attractive for companies which success depends on quality of transportation, logistics and movable object monitoring.  Satcom’s HELP is ideal for lone workers including security workers, alarm key-holders, community and social workers, travelling people, businessmen, or anyone requiring a personal security and safety device.  

24/7/365 monitoring available

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