Satcom EXEC (Protection for the VIP & Executive)

Satcom Exec is a small device with GSM and GPS connectivity and is able to get device coordinates and transfer them via GSM network.  EXEC is perfectly suitable for applications where the location VIP’s is needed.  Geo-Fence function allows to set restricted geo-graphic areas and device will send warning messages whenever the object crosses the zone (in or out).  Panic Buttons can be used with Exec to send a silent alert to a central monitoring centre. Satcom’s Exec is ideal for VIP’s & Executives, lone workers including security workers, alarm key-holders, community and social workers, travelling people, businessmen, or anyone requiring a personal security and safety device. Alarm Monitoring. 24/7/365 alarm monitoring is available for Satcom Exec devices.  When activated, a silent alert is sent to the central monitoring centre where the alert is acted upon as per pre-agreed standing orders.

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